Best Quiz Team Names – Offensive


  1. Crouching Woman, Hidden Cucumber
  2. It’s only gay if you push back
  3. Fat Kids Always Win At Seasaw
  4. Fat Kids Are harder to Kidnap
  5. Your mother’s no thief, but u should see her snatch
  6. Busta Hymen and the Penetrators
  7. Stephen Hawking's School of Dance
  8. We're Not Gay, but £20 Is £20
  9. Big Willy n Mike Hunt
  10. A beautiful place to put your face

about our offensive quiz team names

I know its obvious that our offensive quiz team names can offend people so we advise you to know the people you share these jokes with. If there's a chance you can offend at a quiz you are playing turn your attention to our other team name pages. Some of these names are rare and many quiz players wouldn't of heard them before, if used at the right venue they are hilarious.

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