Best Quiz Team Names – Top 10


  1. Halal, Is It Meat Your Looking For?
  2. Gin'll Fix It
  3. Beyonce Know’Alls
  4. Quiz in My Pants
  5. Hoof Hearted
  6. In Dog Beers, We've Only Had One
  7. Well oil beef hooked
  8. I wish this microphone was a penis
  9. E=MC Hammer
  10. Names are for Tombstones

about our top 10 quiz team names

The Weekly Quiz top 10 quiz team names have been created by us, we have been hosting quiz nights for 11 years so we believe we have seen them all. If you think there's one we have missed please contacting us today. We have separated many other team names that you can search for in categories. Many venues offer prizes for the best team name so it may well be the most important decision of the quiz.

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