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Find A Quiz Near Me

Why We Developed The Find a Quiz Search Engine

Weekly Quiz has over 15 years experience in providing quiz nights to pubs, clubs and other venues and in a typical week we’re hosting events into the hundreds. Customer feedback made it clear that as they enjoyed our events so much there was a demand to have their “weekly quiz fix” even whilst travelling.

We have developed the search engine to help either returning quizzers, holidaying quizzers, quizzers away on business or indeed customers who want to try a quiz night for the first time, to locate a night convenient to them both in terms of location and night of the week.

How The Quiz Finder Works

Our unique “quiz finder” search engine is extremely powerful yet easy to use. You have a number of different options to find your perfect pub quiz. There are two search bars, one titled ‘Name of pub’ and the other ‘Location’. This is to enable you to either search for a pub or an area you would like to play a quiz. The pub name search will enable you to enter partial or the full name of a pub. The location search works by either postcode OR location name and will give details of any that meet or are near your entry. Of course, just leave blank either box and search just on pub name or location if you wish.

That’s not all! If you’re looking to play a quiz on a particular day of the week you can simply click on the day which is located under the search bar and then search the area either on the map or using the ‘Location’ search bar.

Your Ideal Pub

When the search engine runs it’ll show all the pubs that meet your pub name or location as question marks on the map. Simply click on any of these and a “flag” pops up with the basic details of the venue. To find out more about a pub simply click the flag and you’ll be taken to a web page dedicated to that venue, including all the information you’ll need to attend the quiz, including the date of the next event.

In addition, if you search by day of the week you’ll see a list of all the pubs running quiz nights on that evening with a small picture of each one. Just click on the picture to be taken to their dedicated web page.

Making Life Easier For You

Once you have found your perfect pub quiz you can save the date to your on-line calendar. Each pub will have the Google calendar button and the ICAL Export button (Stands for iCloud Export) once you press either they will automatically save into your diary. The Weekly Quiz finder supplies all the details you need to know about individual quizzes BUT always make sure the quiz is on before you travel. We also recommend booking a table to avoid disappointment as the popularity of our quizzes means that many of our nights are well attended.

Why Us?

Many pubs, including those operated by some of the largest and most respected brands in the UK, rely on us as they know we deliver a consistently excellent night, it’s a quiz but it’s more than a quiz! We are arguably the largest of the UK Quiz event companies which provide a complete end to end night. By that we mean, we don’t just provide the questions to the pub for a member of staff to read out. All of our quiz nights are hosted by an industry professional, most of whom come from the world of stand-up comedy or cut their teeth in the trained acting world – it’s not just a night of questions (although we realise that is an important aspect to our evenings) but an evening of entertainment and laughter too.

As one of our many satisfied and long-standing pub managers recently told us “your quizmasters can’t pull a pint the way we do but we can’t deliver a quiz the way you do”