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Dave is one of the most experienced hosts we have! A wealth of experience and top quality banter. With a comedy background Dave really knows how to run a fantastic event.


Daniel Lassman has a vast amount of presenting experience having worked for Kiss 100. Daniel is most known for appearing on the hit BBC show The Apprentice.


I've been working for weekly quiz for coming up to 3 years now and I absolutely love it! I have a big passion for presenting and meeting new people so it makes a fun addition to my varied workload.
I'm also a freelance model.
I hope to see you soon at one of my Quizzes :)


Heralding from the Historic City of Nottingham, Blake has worked and traveled the globe, living and working as a professional Entertainer in a variety of fields.
If you are looking for a memorable and entertaining event, you have certainly found your man. Blake's abundance of experience and skills reflect in his work and customer feedback.


Tara has spent nearly a decade working in the Entertainment industry and has a passion for presenting. During the day she can be found working for Heart radio and also presenting on the shopping channel Bid TV. She can provide a witty, enthusiastic quiz that has bundles of energy!


Chris is a great actor who loves to entertain the crowd. He makes the quiz his own and loves to get people up and out of their seats to earn their bonus points. “Be prepared for a full night of fun!”


I'm a fun & friendly character who loves a giggle, even if it’s at myself. I started presented on the Kiss fm breakfast show and have progressed from there. You can currently watch me on ITV1 presenting Jackpot 247.


Quiz host extraordinaire. “I think that wit, playfulness and sincerity are three major skills you need to survive in the quizzing world” James is a singer and presenter who really knows how to get the crowd having a good time.


Zoe is a working actress with a strong comedy background. She is able to walk in to any crowd and whip up a fun atmosphere with her quick wit and warm energy. every quiz is different and Zoe prides herself on being able to 'read' a room and then adapt to it accordingly.


Keiran has been with us for over a year now and still has that passionate for quiz. He is Very comfortable performing infront of all types of people. Feedback from events he has done has been outstanding.


Actress Sophie provides huge energy with her equally huge personality. Known for her very clear speaking voice and razor sharp banter.


Born in the rolling hills of Somerset, Ellie came to London where She has gained presenting experience on 107.8 Radio Jackie FM. Ellie is currently building up as much general knowledge as possible. She believes one day she will “win big on a game Show”


Anthony is an edgy, bar-smart quizmaster with 5 years experience, who can adapt from a bar full of students to a corporate event with ease; his relaxed yet focused style of delivery makes all present feel comfortable yet confident, and is famous for his nail-biting tiebreakers and Skittles bonus questions!
Anthony works alongside pub staff as an equal, and is always happy to ease a stressed and busy night.


More recently known for his appearance on 'Britain's Got Talent' performing his original song "Hold You In My Arms", Paul has become a quizmaster favourite for pubs, clubs and corporate events.


Mark has been working in the media for over 15 years, hosting many different Radio shows as well as a variety of public RoadShows & Events. He can keep a crowd interested and entertained, even the busiest of venues.


Daisie is a professional performer, presenter and voiceover artist. She’s bubbly, energetic and a little bit crazy! Daisie has a good, strong presence to make people feel welcoming and will always encourage the whole crowd to take part in the Weekly Quiz! Daisie loves meeting new people and has great fun hosting the quizzes and adapts to each crowd accordingly with her witty humour!


Meet Will Timbers, an actor and native Londoner who thinks pigeons would have a better reputation if they were colourful. Passionate about stage and screen alike, Will only discovered his love for acting when he turned 30 and he hasn't looked back. Fresh from playing the lead in Helmer Hardcore, this year he is aiming for his TV debut. This is a million miles away from his 20s where he worked hard to improve the reputation of pigeons, by painting them pink!


Jay is a multitalented quiz master based in Worcestershire, he is a professional mind reader and close up magician as well as winning many awards from the British Magical Society in recognition of his showmanship and skills. Also he is a award winning radio presenter with over 25 yrs of radio experience he currently hosts a weekly unsigned music radio show that can be heard on over 20 radio stations, Jay also has been on many TV shows inc Britain’s Got Talent.


Jo is a special quizmaster! Not only she has won "The Weakest Link" and "Fifteen To One" she is a full time comedian. Talk about many strings to your bow!


Full-time model, quizmaster and comedian Adam is Reliable, professional and hardworking. With his experience performing in top comedy clubs around the county he is able to handle any given event and deliver more than expected.


Carmen Ali is a stand-up comedian and writer. She was a Semi Finalist in Last Minute Comedy Competition 2015 and Third Runner-up in What the Frock! Newcomer Award 2014. Described as "Fearless, Formidable and Funny" by AlTmagazine. You can read her blog: and follow her on Twitter @CarmenAli


Ian Hamilton is a fantastic quizmaster! this dynamic, quirky young magician has hosted for some of the biggest companies in the world.


Luke is one of the brightest lights on the national comedy scene. His quizmaster style, quick wit and affable nature has made sure that he makes an instant impact at any event!


With a strong background in music Kurtis is the best DJ we use. He is the ideal presenter for any music based quiz night.


A very experienced quizmaster and real safe pair of hands for any corporate quiz night. Emma is a fully trained musical theatre actress and has appeared in popular west end shows.


As well as a Quizmaster, Colin Adamson is a professional comedian and stage hypnotist. This means he can reads minds and knows the answers before you do!


Lucy has a lot of experience presenting to both pubs and corporate clients. Not only has she a strong background in acting and presenting, Lucy is also a professional circus performer and can often be found hanging upside down from a flying trapeze!


Quizmaster Joe has performed across the UK as a comedian, actor and radio presenter. He brings a fun, playful approach to hosting quizzes and is as fair as he is small (5ft 6).


Bubbly, fun and a fantastic presenter Kaiko can be found around the south coast hosting the most entertaining pub quizzes!


Sinead Wheeler is a sharp and intelligent stand up comedian, which she manages to hide behind her scatty Northern persona (she's from Crewe - where the trains stop). Surprisingly well-informed about most subjects (ok, not rugby or soaps), Sinead fell into comedy through her work as a university librarian. When not hosting quizzes she hosts "Grafters" alternative new material comedy nights in Covent Garden, as well as gigging around London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Just don't mention Elvis, as she's likely to burst into song.


Julyanne not only enjoys the socially fun evenings as a quizmaster, her other many talents include her role as a photographer since recently obtaining a distinction for her photography/photo imaging degree, an actress in film and TV and a part time teacher of Drama, music and special needs. Julyanne was a bandleader of a top London function band Eazy St. for over two decades and is still a dynamic, versatile singer today, singing authentically hits from the 40's to the present day. Julyanne believes in fun and entertainment whether teaching, singing, quizzing or taken creative shots.


Spencer has a wealth of presenting experience on TV and Radio. He hosts some of the most successful quiz nights in London for pubs and corporate clients. Very well presented and has razor sharp banter that always goes down well.


A comedian that has hosted quiz nights for some of the biggest companies in the world. Ray has hosted over 1000 quiz nights over the years and like a fine wine seems to get better with age.


Simon is a funny well presented quizmaster. You will find him entertaining in reading hosting at some of the busiest quiz nights in the country.


Stan writes poems, tells jokes and if he’s having a good day, he does songs with singing and everything. With a very dry sense of humour Stan is guaranteed to have your guests in full blown laughter.


Madge is a very experienced comedian that adds great banter to every quiz she presents. Having hosted hundreds of events around London your quiz night would be improved with her on the mic.


Wray is a scottish comedian full of energy. He has won many comedy awards and is by far the best quizmaster to have come out of Glasgow (In our opinion).


Fun Loving Storm is very creative. With her passion to run a great quiz night Storm has been responsible for many new questions and rounds….. and yes Storm is her real name!


Here for your enjoyment! Allow Justin to whip your audience in to a frenzy. With Camp nonsense and outrageous costumes. Justin is the most outrageous quizmaster in the world (Probably).


Ian is an experienced quiz and awards presenter, bringing a sense of fun and irreverence to events. 'It's all about having a good time,' he says, 'and trying to win without sucking all the joy out of the night.'